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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Dress Gown - Atenna

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59.12 €
Delivery:  7 days
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Purchase this exceptional Atenna bathrobe is a combination of subtle sensuality with stylish originality. Tied at the waist with a thick sash, the bathrobe was sewn from airy fabric, which fits nicely on the body. Soft and pleasant to the touch material is at the same time very airy, which makes the clothes look good on the move. The black material was decorated with an original pattern, depicting floral motifs - the green of large leaves was broken with a delicate pink of flowers, thus gaining a tropical pattern - makes the fact that the bathrobe can also act as a beach accessory. The edges of the fabric were protected against ripping by winding and lining the material,which allowed for an elegant finish. The envelope cut of the bathrobe makes it possible to easily adjust the depth of the neckline, thanks to which the bathrobe becomes an accessory suitable for both passionate evenings,as well as for lazy mornings. Comfortable, wide sleeves do not limit movements,which provides comfort and freedom of use. The bathrobe looks good on any type of silhouette, because it has been designed to cover imperfections and expose the strengths of the figure.

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Collection:  LINGERIE


Brand:  Livco Corsetti Fashion

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