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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Costume - Vendela LC 90058

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22.39 €
Delivery:  3 days
Shinny costume wear  providing an aqua blue tone idea embracing your figure with well fitted motif, top shirt and legging style finish making you seductive and modern.

What will a sexy girl from the future look like? Stop wondering, you may become one if you wear Vandela lingerie costume consisting of boxer-type top and leggings-style pants. This costume is comfortable to wear and modern-looking, with many wearing options. This model is distinguished by its unique, cool pearl colour. It has a slimming effect, but at the same time it will emphasize your breasts, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs. It will fit like a second skin on your body. It is made of high-quality fabric, which is very comfortable to wear. It will look amazing in the Summertime. It will be a perfect match with elegant accessories, like black high heel shoes, clutch bag and satin gloves.


Costume  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Vendela LC 90058

Collection:  LOVE

Catalogue:  Sexy lingerie

Brand:  Livco Corsetti Fashion

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