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Livco Corsetti Fashion - 2 Piece Sets - Latin LC 90098

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36.68 €
Delivery:  7 days

2 Piece Sets  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Latin LC 90098

Collection:  Touchable Collection

Catalogue:  New

Brand:  Livco Corsetti Fashion

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Nightie Livco Corsetti Fashion Febe LC 90114
13.71 € Scrunch satin mesh comes around your body in this sexy dress comes in bandeau top with straps on mid area running on neck in mini bow idea, spandex hem finish. SIZE CHART ...
3-piece set Xanthe LC 4525
14.53 € Leopard body comes int his sexy wear with fly away motif on side, done in black sexy top in guipure work covering your chest in semi transparent motif, pink cross string on mid chest with tied closure on top, shorty in adjustable waist band with subtle base idea. A sensuous set composed of a chemise, G-string and funny eye-band. Xanthe is made of delicate hosiery which clings to the body in ...
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