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Livco Corsetti Fashion - Sleepwear - Rizen LC 90071

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23.63 €
Delivery:  3 days
This is a unique, medium-length robe in salmon pink colour. It is perfect to cover your body after taking a bath or to cover your lingerie set or pyjama. It is made of soft, plain fabric which makes it very comfortable to wear. Unique design with ruffles will perfectly emphasize your silhouette. Straight 3/4 length sleeves. Thicker strip of fabric around your waist will enable to match the right size of the robe. It is a perfect piece of lingerie suitable for women with different types of silhouette. Elegance and comfort that you may keep only to yourself.


Sleepwear  >  Livco Corsetti Fashion  >  Rizen LC 90071

Collection:  LOVE

Catalogue:  Sexy lingerie

Brand:  Livco Corsetti Fashion

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